The Dark Realm — Anthea Sharp

The Dark Realm -- Anthea SharpI gave this book a go because i got the first 3 books of the series on an Amazon 99p thing and i liked the idea of Faerie being able to bridge through VR.

The good bit was the Faerie and VR stuff, all really well done and really enjoyable.

The not so good bit was the young adult thing, but that is irrelevant if the story is good enough and the young adults protagonists fit well within the story.

The bad bit, and why i only gave this 4 stars, is Tam’s back story.   I really can’t see the need in making his life so utterly depressing with such a total chaos of family life.   This brought nothing to the story and was, at times, a big distraction from it.   It made me think of Ready Player One but in that the protagonist’s back story worked with the narrative, whereas in this book it detracts from it as it doesn’t bring anything to the story.

So yeah, 5 out of 5 for the Faerie and VR stuff, but a big 0 out of 5 for the stuff on Tam’s family life.

But well worth a read for anyone interested in folk lore and VR.   Tam’s family life has certainly not put me off diving straight into the second book in the series.

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