UK Will Not Leave the EU

Mandy AndroidSo i was asked the other day as to what my position was on E.U. leave/remain thing.   I was asked like i had to be either on one side or the other — like there was only the two options.

This shows how fucking brainwashed and retarded the electorate truly is when they can only conceive of the options given to them by the Corporatocracy.

So i informed this person that there was a third option: that the whole leave/remain referendum was nothing but a means to manufacture consent to be ruled.   The real choice of that referendum being to either be ruled from Brussels, or from Westminster, and that either way the Corporatocracy would be pulling the strings of the politico puppets and running the country.   The true purpose of any ballot is to gain consent — from all taking part — for whatever outcome that ballot produces.

I then pointed out the third option within that referendum.   A third choice of not voting and refusing to consent to be ruled by either Brussels or Westminster.   A third choice being not consenting to be ruled at all.

So we began this article with a picture of Mandy Android, which some of you possibly know as Theresa May.   Mandy Android was the designation the design engineers gave to the prototype android in the lab where it was made.   It was only after they had finished the project that it was renamed Theresa May.   Don’t be fooled by anyone claiming that it is a human woman, it isn’t, it is an android.

This, on the other hand, is a picture of a cute kitten…


Consider it a palate cleanser for your visual cortex after having been subjected to that picture of Mandy Android, but also to add a bit of balance to the imagery of this article, which is always something to consider in publishing.   And it’s also to soften up all you hard-hearted, narrow minded bastards out there — because who doesn’t like a cute little kitten?   Awwww….

So, with all that out of the way, let’s get down to Brexit…

The very idea that the U.K. was going to break away from the E.U. was laughable.

The whole plan from the very beginning was to manufacture consent to willingly remain fully in the E.U. and to put to rest all Europhobe dissent for at least another generation.   I would also suggest that the Corporatocracy wants to get rid of Sterling and that this manufacturing of consent, and eroding of dissent, was simply the first step in the process of the U.K. abandoning Sterling and joining the Euro currency — which is a topic for another day but, do remember, you read it here first!!!

To begin, the Corporatocracy got a clown named Boris to spearhead the leave campaign in an attempt to make the whole idea look utterly ridiculous.   But that didn’t work, oh fuck!!!

Boris, and even Farage, publicly pooped their pants at the result, both resigned and wrung their collective hands of the whole idea of getting themselves involved any further.   And then Cameron, who originally stated he wasn’t resigning because that statement wasn’t written for him yet because remain was supposed to have won, was told by the Corporatocracy that he was resigning so that Mandy Android could be put in charge of Brexit.   Because Mandy Android had been programmed from the very begining for this task and had it programmed into its ROM chip that the only solution was to remain.   Mandy Android is incapable of conceiving any other result being possible or even occurring — it simply doesn’t compute in her circuitry.

So Mandy Android has been doing exactly what it was programmed to do from the very beginning — fuck the whole idea of Brexit up.   And fuck it up so royally, and so badly, that the government will then be able to convince the whole country that a second referendum is needed to get us out of the mess, and then the country will gladly vote to remain because next time there won’t be any credibility left for anyone to be leading a leave campaign.

Nearly all the politicos started off stating that there would never be a second referendum, Brexit means Brexit, blah blah.   But now they are all saying that there possibly could be in the right circumstances.   And it won’t be too long before that ‘possibly could be’ will become a ‘definitely will be’.

The government will vote to delay leaving the E.U..   The EU will accept under the condition that there is a second referendum — because that’s the only way the E.U. will accept a delay.   And the second referendum will be overwhelmingly in favour of remaining in the E.U..

And then Mandy Android will leave the government and go back to the laboratory and be dismantled for further research and to salvage any usable spare parts.


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