Storm Over Warlock – Andre Norton

An ok little sci-fi story.   Andre was the earliest of women sci-fi writers, even before Ursula K Le Guin, and this book certainly feels quite old school in that it has quite a few elements that you’re more likely to find in pure fantasy books these days.

Not really the kind of thing i would think the youth would be into these days, but for us old school types who enjoy going back in time and don’t care if people mix witches, warlocks and dream spells in with their lasers, spaceships and food pills it’s quite an enjoyable little read and a wonderful piece of sci-fi history.

Essentially, a scout team are on a newly discovered planet, named Warlock, setting things up when aliens arrive and destroy them all, except the youngest and newest member of the team and two wolverines.   Then it becomes a case of surviving on an alien planet while being hunted by the aliens.   And so the story begins as more things are discovered about the planet and its native flora and fauna along the way.

Also available in the collections The Andre Norton Megapack and Visions of Distant Shores.

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