Space and Time — Issue 111

Space and Time -- Issue 111I admit to only buying this for Fleeing Tezcatlipoca by Aliette de Bodard.


Fleeing TezcatlipocaAliette de Bodard
Waterlilies — Edward Willett
Passport to Patterdale — Heather Parker
Blessed are the Damned — Kelly Barnhill
Dispossessed — Michelle Muenzler
Sunflower’s Weep — Robert E Rodden II
July 10 — Vaughn Wright

Non Fiction

Editors Geeble by Hildy Silverman.
Interview with Frederik Pohl
Word Ninja — Linda D. Addison


Skiourdi Moiron Mike Allen
…A Great Fall — Alexandra Seidel
Haiku — W. Ted Weekes
Nesting — Marcie Lynn Tentchoff
Pi — Yunsheng Jiang
Pulling the String and Everything — Saint James Harris Wood


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