Portrait of a Girl — Dörthe Binkert

Portrait of a Girl -- Dörthe BinkertI really enjoyed She Wore Only White so i followed Dörthe on Amazon and when this came up on sale for £1 i really couldn’t resist.

And what a bargain.

It’s similar in a lot of ways to She Wore Only White in that we have a true historical setting, with true historical characters, that Dörthe uses as a canvas upon which to paint her fictional story.   And also in that we have a young woman who is adrift in the world trying to find where she can belong.

All very well written with good characters, a good plot, and the perfect level of scene setting.   Dörthe does a wonderful job of taking us back in time, to Switzerland in late 19th century, and giving us a glimpse of the disparity of wealth between the local peasantry and the rich and wealthy, European elite who descend upon the valley each summer.

This is the second book that Dörthe has had translated into English and i do hope that there will be many more in the future.

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