Plague Music — Alastair Reynolds

Plague Music -- Alastair ReynoldsAvailable in Belladonna Nights and Other Stories.

And here’s me thinking that i’d read all the Revelation Space stories, and then i find this one.   Admittedly, it was published after i had read most of the Revelation Space series, so i’ll forgive myself for not reading it in the chronological order of Revelation Space.

But, anyway, it’s always nice to get another Revelation Space story thrown into ones life now and again.

This one takes us back to Chasm City, after the plague has mangled it, following a clean up crew on the lower levels.   I really enjoyed it.   Once again, as most things by Alastair, extremely well written and brilliant sci-fi.

Now all i have to do is wait for the next Revelation Space story, which i hope won’t be too long in coming.   I love this series.

If you haven’t read Revelation Space then i suggest you follow it in chronological order and read everything — it’s really, really good.

Bye for now.

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