Masques IV — Anthology

All stories copyright 1991, except where stated.

The Pack — Chet Williamson
Children — Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Sea Gulls — Gahan Wilson
The Coming of Night, The Passing of Day — Ed Gorman
Please Don’t Hurt Me — F. Paul Wilson
Splatter Me an Angel — James Kisner
Untitled Still Life with Infinity Perspective — Rex Miller
Pratfall — John Maclay
The Heart of Helen Day — Graham Masterton
Nothing But the Best — Brian McNaughton
Somewhere — Denise Dumars
Milestone’s Face — Gary Brandner
Julia’s Touch — David T. Connolly
Savages — Darrell Schweitzer
The Collapse of Civilization — Ray Russell
Animal Husbandry — Bruce Boston
Sounds — Kathryn Ptacek
Whispers of the Unrepentant — t. Winter-Damon
Obscene Phone Calls — John Coyne
The Children Never Lie — Cameron Nolan
The Other Woman — Lois Tilton
Love, Hate, and the Beautiful Junkyard Sea — Mort Castle
Sources of the Nile — Rick Hautala
My Private Memoirs of the Hoffer Stigmata Pandemic — Dan Simmons
The Secret — Steve Allen – 1956

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