LOOK – Geo City Grip Bicycle Pedals

If you’re looking for some nice, really nice, bicycle pedals, then maybe have a look at these ones from Look.   They’re really good.

The platform is 100mm wide by 105mm long, which is a really big flat area.   I’ve never seen any pedals this big before.

Great for bare foot riding, or riding with nice shoes on that you don’t want the soles to get torn up.   Nice and grippy without the spikey bits of normal pedals due to the Vibram rubber grippy surface.   You can buy replacement surface pads in lots of different colours if you wear them out.

All round good pedals if you’re wanting something super comfortable the doesn’t destroy your shoes or feet and gives loads of support from the extra large surface area.

Not sponsored or anything like that, i just bought them because i like riding barefoot and i couldn’t be happier.   Worth every penny.

Check their website if you want more information.

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