Light Years and Dark — Anthology

Light Years and Dark: Introduction — Michael Bishop
You and Me and the Continuum — J.G. Ballard
The Map — Gene Wolfe
Halfjack — Roger Zelany
Doing Lennon — Gregory Benford
Strangeness, Charm and Spin — Kate Wilhelm
Brown Robert — Terry Carr
The Bloomsday Revolution — Ian Watson
The Dybbuk Dolls — Jack Dann
Dancing Chickens — Edward Bryant
When the Music’s Over . . . — Michael Swanwick
Terrific Park — George Alec Effinger
The Tale of the (Man) Who (Met) (God) — Norman Spinrad
Four Poems — Robert Frazier
      The Starry Message to Galileo Galilei
      The Supremacy of Bacteria
      “We cannot escape humility.”
      Cetacean Dreams
Summer’s Lease — Joe Haldeman
The Nine Billion Names of God — Carter Scholz
Nor Limestone Islands — R.A. Lafferty
Fears — Pamela Sargent
SQUrsula K. Le Guin
Scrimptalon’s Test — Gerald W. Page and Michael Bishop
An Infinite Summer — Christopher Priest
The Man Who Was Pregnant — Elizabeth A. Lynn
Corridors — Barry Malzberg
Limits — Larry Niven
Crossing into Cambodia — Michael Moorcock
The Lecturer — John Kessel
Under the Hollywood Sign — Tom Reamy
The Lords of Misrule — M. John Harrison
Three Parodies — John Sladek
      Ralph 4F by Hugogre N. Backs
      Solar Shoe-Salesman by Chipdip K. Kill
      The Sublimation World by J.G. B——
School DaysSuzette Haden Elgin
The Wanda Lake Number — Robert Thurston
Chambers of Memory — Gordon Eklund
Painwise in Yucatan — James Tiptree, Jr.
Dinner Party — Gardner Dozois
The Cure — Lisa Tuttle
Paradise Beach — Richard Cowper
Getting Away — Steven Utley
The Cabinet of Edgar Allan Poe — Angela Carter
Dead in Irons — Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
Rock On — Pat Cadigan
The Death of Socrates — Thomas M. Disch
Helpless, Helpless — Howard Waldrop
Dogs’ Lives — Michael Bishop
The Eichmann Variations — George Zebrowski

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