In Babelsberg — Alastair Reynolds

In Babelsberg -- Alastair ReynoldsAvailable in the collection, Beyond the Aquila Rift.

Another story from Alastair featuring a genetically modified Tyrannosaurus rex, but unlike At Budokan where the T. Rex was a rock star, this time it’s a chat show host.

The main premise of the the story is that an AI, named Vincent, that’s been out mapping the solar system implanted in a space ship is now back on Earth implanted in a humanoid body doing the chat show round and other public appearances to publicise its exploits.

But another corporation had it’s own AI out and it’s just returned with some rather contradicting information from Vincent.

I do enjoy Alastair’s AI stories, they’re usually excellent.

Next up is Sad Kapteyn.

Bye for now.

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