Hands of the Colossus — Nicole Grotepas

Hands of the Colossus -- Nicole GrotepasThe second book in the series continues in much the same way as the first.   Unfortunately, this also includes the typos, missing words, etc..   I’ve never come across a book that has typos like these.   It beggars belief that a writer can publish a book in this condition: it’s like someone wrote an algorithm that randomly stole words out of the books.

Other annoying things are that this series is clearly labelled with the term “Steampunk” in the subtitle: there isn’t anything steampunk about it.   Labelling your spaceships “Zeppelins” doesn’t make your book steampunk.   Apart from one broken antique watch there’s no clockwork stuff and i haven’t noticed any steam engines or other such steampunk elements.

I like steampunk and i was looking forward to reading some steampunky, space adventure stuff, but all i’m given is a broken antique watch to satisfy my clockwork urges.   It really isn’t acceptable to label something as belonging to a genre when it clearly isn’t.

So, all in all, there’s nothing much new in this book that wasn’t in the first book.

I’m now going to have a little break from this series to read some short stories and then i shall return to Heart of the Colossus and finish the series — just coz i kinda like the characters and i’d like to know how they all get on.

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