Fleeing Tezcatlipoca — Aliette de Bodard

Fleeing Tezcatlipoca -- Aliette de BodardAnd, so, further goes my journey into “The Universe of Xuya”.

The only place i could find this novella was at Space and Time magazine, where it made its appearance in the June 2010 edition.   For $2.99 you get the whole magazine in PDF format which worked very well on my Fire HD tablet.   I’ve no idea what the rest of the magazine is like as i haven’t read any of it, but its there for a future perusal should i find a few spare moments.

Anyways, onto the story.   We’re back in Greater Mexica, 4 years after the events in The Jaguar House, in Shadow.   This time we have a young couple who are being hunted by the Revered Speaker’s regime and we begin to learn more and more about Greater Mexica and Xuya as their attempt to escape to Xuya unfolds.

One thing i have to say about the few Xuya stories that i’ve read so far, is that Aliette doesn’t give the reader any respite at all.   Once you start reading you just get pulled along with the non-stop action and shenanigans, totally captured.   Great writing, great characters, great world/universe building going on.   The more i read the more i want to read.

The next story from the series is The Lost Xuyan Bride.

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