Fire & Ice — Patty Jansen

Fire & Ice -- Patty JansenMy first comment about this book is that it should be made clear at the point of sale that this book contains male on male rape scenes.   I’m pretty sure not everyone wishes to buy books with such content in them for very obvious reasons.

That said, let’s get on with the review.

As a first book in a trilogy i was very impressed.   I feel it’s certainly set the stage for some good grimdark fantasy to come.   It isn’t pleasant, the characters are flawed and too busy struggling with their own shit to worry about you, the reader — get over it!

No really, looking at some reviews i don’t think some people get this genre of story telling: you ain’t getting it laid out all spotlessly cleaned and ironed with your clean socks in the morning, it’s crumpled, still got stains and a bit of a stale wiff to it.   But they’re the only clothes you’ve got for the day so just throw ’em on and get out and enjoy the adventure they take you on.

To sum up, this was a great beginning to a trilogy that also has another trilogy following straight after.   As the stage builder for this grimdark, disturbing world that the story is set in, it’s certainly got my interest and i’m diving straight into Dust & Rain to see if what follows can meet my expectations.

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