Eye of the Colossus — Nicole Grotepas

Eye of the Colossus -- Nicole GrotepasA great beginning to this series.   Listed as ‘Steampunk Sci-Fi’ on Amazon but i didn’t get any hint of steampunk.   Mostly it’s a crime/heist story set in a far off solar system on the six moons of a gas giant with 3 alien species alongside the humans.

The story is good, well thought out, with interesting characters that get you on their side: 10 out of 10 for that part.

What lets it down are the typos that are sprinkled throughout.   Sometimes you feel like you’ve been tripped up and you have to go back and read a passage only to notice a word is missing: it’s distracting to say the least.   Running a book through a spell checker is not editing, spell checkers don’t pick up on missing words and stuff.   Oh, if only independent writers would hold back on publishing for just a week while they get some picky pedant to read the book and pull up all their typos.

Still, one can put up with the errors simply because the story is really good, and pacey, and keeps you turning the pages with great characters that grab you and drag you along with them.

Shame about the typos but they haven’t stopped me from diving straight into book 2: Hands of the Colossus.

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