Context — Cory Doctorow

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Jack and the Interstalk: Why the Computer Is Not a Scary Monster
Teen Sex
Nature’s Daredevils: Writing for Young Audiences
Beyond Censorware: Teaching Web Literacy
Writing in the Age of Distraction
Extreme Geek
How to Stop Your Inbox Exploding
What I Do
When I’m Dead, How Will My Loved Ones Break My Password?
Radical Presentism
A Cosmopolitan Literature for the Cosmopolitan Web
When Love Is Harder to Show Than Hate
Think Like a Dandelion
Digital Licensing: Do It Yourself
New York, Meet Silicon Valley
With a Little Help: The Price Is Right
You Shouldn’t Have to Sell Your Soul Just to Download Some Music
Net Neutrality for Writers: It’s All About the Leverage
Proprietary Interest
“Intellectual Property” Is a Silly Euphemism
Saying Information Wants to Be Free Does More Harm Than Good
Chris Anderson’s Free Adds Much to The Long Tail, but Falls Short
Why Economics Condemns 3D to Be No More Than a Blockbuster Gimmick
Not Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining
Why I Won’t Buy an iPad (and Think You Shouldn’t, Either)
Can You Survive a Benevolent Dictatorship?
Curated Computing Is No Substitute for the Personal and Handmade
Doctorow’s First Law
Reports of Blogging’s Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
Streaming Will Never Stop Downloading
Search Is Too Important to Leave to One Company—Even Google
Copyright Enforcers Should Learn Lessons from the War on Spam
Warning to All Copyright Enforcers: Three Strikes and You’re Out
For Whom the Net Tolls
How Do You Know If Copyright Is Working?
News Corp Kremlinology: What Do the Times Paywall Numbers Mean?
Persistence Pays Parasites
Like Teenagers, Computers Are Built to Hook Up
Promoting Statistical Literacy: A Modest Proposal
Personal Data Is as Hot as Nuclear Waste
Memento Mori
Love the Machine, Hate the Factory
Untouched by Human Hands
Close Enough for Rock ’n’ Roll

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