Bypass Gemini — Joseph R. Lallo

Bypass Gemini -- Joseph R. LalloNow this is a writer who is obviously having fun.

Admittedly there’s a thin line between a writer having a lot of fun with a story and the story becoming a little ridiculous and this book does seem to skim a little close to that line on occasion, and then it’s just up to the reader whether they might feel that line has been crossed.   For me, at least, i just enjoyed this as a totally fun read.   And right about now in my life i really needed a good fun read.

While my normal taste in sci-fi is rather highbrow — Le Guin, etc.. — this book came like a refreshing breath of fresh air in it’s nothing but a full on romp around the galaxy with broad array of characters and shenangians.   Yes, there’s a serious side to it, millions are going to die unless our protagonist can sort his shit out, but that doesn’t hold Joseph back from having fun with it along the way.

As in all of Joseph’s books, the characters are wonderful, widely varied and really brought to life, leaving you wanting further appearances in future books.

You can find this book for free on Amazon and then if you like it you can buy the rest of the series: a genuine try before you buy.   And i think that’s another great thing about Joseph, in that he gives away the first books in his 3 series as tasters and then let’s the reader make their own minds up freely as to whether they want more or not.   I got hooked in this way on Book of Deacon, then Free Wrench and now this.   And that for me is the mark of a good book, do you buy the rest of the series or walk away and never come back?   The answer to all 3 of Joseph’s series is yes, yes and yes again for me.   I bought the rest of the books to this series straight away and can’t wait to read more.

So onwards to Big Sigma Collection: Volume 1.

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