Babel-17 — Samuel R. Delany

Babel-17 -- Samuel R. DelanyOne of the most imaginative sci-fi novels i’ve ever read.

I only bought it because i was looking for a book i read about 30 years ago that i can’t remember the title of and thought this may have been it, but it wasn’t.   But i’m certainly not disappointed to have picked up the wrong book.

There’s all kinds of sub-genres in sci-fi and i’m not really sure where this one would fit.   It’s mostly a deep dive into linguistics, as in how words and language are used and the meanings they convey, and Samuel does a wonderful exploration throughout the book.

It also takes in the future body modification — some interesting things going in this book, and does bring to mind some amazing potential within current science for the future body mod industry.   The real future is certainly going to be interesting.

Anyways, well worth a read, and definitely worth it’s place in the “SF Masterworks” series.

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