Aurora Rising — Alastair Reynolds

Aurora Rising -- Alastair ReynoldsOk, if i’m feeling like being a bit picky — and i am feeling like that — then Alastair should have written a few more short stories and novellas to give a bit/lot more info about everything Glitter Band: and not the Gary type.   One begins this story with not much background to go on and we seem to muddle through quite a bit until things get to be a lot clearer.   I just think that background/info-dump things could have been laid out previously and given the reader a much more enjoyable time of it.

However, it’s still an amazing story with a huge depth and width to it and when i say huge, i mean huge.   And this is just the first Prefect Dreyfus book.   Yes folks, after days and days of reading, just when you thought it would all come to an end, do you realise that you’ve only just gotten to know Dreyfus and things have only just begun.   And the best part about it is that i’m really looking forward to reading more.

So yeah, bring it on.   A quick in betweenie short, Open and Shut, is next on the list before piling into the next biggy.   One feels like a positively spoilt book worm.

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