Ancillary Mercy — Ann Leckie

The final episode in the Imperial Radch Trilogy, and quite a good page turner it was.

We;re still at the space station and planet system but “She” has turned up, and it’s one of those “She’s” that really doesn’t like Breq.

So all kinds of chaos and fun ensues with some great new characters thrown in to spice things up.

I did feel the ending was a bit lacking, as in it didn’t finish the trilogy off neatly, leaving lots of openings for further stories — which is a good thing because there’s four more books in this universe to read next.   Hopefully we’ll get to find out what happens next during one of those stories.

So that’s exactly what i’m going to do now, start reading those four stories, beginning with Night’s Slow Poison.

Bye for now.

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