Understanding the Complexities of Gender

Following on from my ‘Same Sex Marriage’ article is a ‘TEDx’ talk by Sam Killermann, who is a comedian and social justice advocate, and the guy behind ‘It’s Pronounced Metrosexual’.



Certainly a bit of food for thought for those of you who still think that gender is a simple binary system of either male or female and that every single one of us has to live in only one of those two boxes our whole lives.   Well it isn’t, and we don’t!   And also food for thought for those of you who still think that how we express our gender defines our sexuality — it doesn’t!   Just because i’ve got a mini skirt on does not mean i want to have sex with a man — understand?   If you don’t understand, go back and watch the video again.

Open your minds a little and see the world in a much more wonderful way.   A world where people aren’t defined by what genitalia they have or haven’t got, but a world where people are defined by who they are and who they chose to be within any given moment.

On a side note… i do really like Sam’s presentation of this.   The way he jumps between prose and poetry and back again is just delightful and gives what is a very serious topic a nice light-hearted approach, which i hope makes more people pay attention and listen than otherwise would.

Next up is “What Gender Is That Then?”

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