Tomato Ketchup Recipe

Ketchup bottleWhatever you may use tomato ketchup for, stop using the shite you buy in bottles.   It’s not healthy or good for you and tastes crap because it’s made with crap.

Try a super delicious, super healthy, tomato ketchup instead . . .

You’ll need a good strong blender, i suggest at least 1500 watts: this is not some watery smoothie, it’s a thick sauce.

I am not responsible for your blender breaking if you attempt to make this recipe.   This is a thick sauce and it is up to you to decide weather to risk your blender or not.

Into a 750ml blender cup . . .

400g     Tomatoes (for a more tomato-ey taste, swap out some — or all — of this weight with tinned tomatoes)
30g     Apple Cider Vinegar
50g     Currants
100g     Apple (use all the skin of the apple and then make up the rest of the 100g with the flesh)
25g     Celery
25g     Onion
11g     Fresh Ginger
11g     Garlic
35g     Orange
0.8g     Black Peppercorns
0.8g     Whole Dried Chilli
2g     Coriander Seeds
1g     Cumin Seeds
2g     Dried Sage or Oregano
0.5g     Dried Thyme
1.2g     Star Anise
1.2g     Fennel Seeds
2.5g     Smoked Paprika
2.5g     Paprika
10g     Whole Flax/Chia Seeds
25g     Dried Tamarind
Add some water if you think your blender needs it.

If you do use tinned tomatoes, find ones that are vine ripened and tinned in concentrated tomato juice as they’re much tastier and richer.   Like these ones.

For making good home-mixed herb and spice recipes you’ll need something to weigh 0.1g increments.

Wherever possible always use whole spices as they’re living seeds, super healthy and much tastier.   The blender will take care of them, if your blender doesn’t deal with the whole spices then buy a better blender.

Give it all a good blendy whizz bang.

Sooooo much nicer tasting and infinitely more healthy than bottled junk-food ketchup.

Keep in the fridge and use quickly, there’s no preservatives and other garbage in this, it will go bad in a few days.   If you don’t plan using it all in a couple of days then store some in the freezer for later use.

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