The Pleasure Trap — Douglas J Lisle

The Pleasure Trap by Douglas J Lisle is probably one of the most important books for surviving the modern age.

My thoughts on this:

When Homo sapiens first stood upon the Earth we were born into a savage garden where most things either wanted to eat us or were poisonous, and if we wanted to survive and help our children to survive to an age where they could have children we had to learn to navigate that savage garden in a precise way to avoid the predators and parasites and toxic things that live within it.

Fast forward to the 21st century and our savage garden is now capitalism.   And the predators and parasites are corporations and the poisonous things are the food and medicine that they sell to us.   They lure us in by using our evolved nature — that suited us perfectly upon the Earth thousands of years ago — against us.   We are for the most part seemingly defenceless against the tirade of sweet, fat and salty food and medicines that relieve symptoms but never deal with the cause.

But are we defenceless?

Not if you’re aware of the pleasure traps that they have created to enslave you.

Chronic diseases, the diseases that once were the diseases of kings and the ruling classes, are now the diseases of almost everyone thanks to the corporatisation of the food chain and the medical industry.   And chronic disease is caused by nothing more than eating too much of the wrong foods and taking the wrong medicines.

Read this book and learn how to avoid the pleasure traps and how to extract yourself from them when you fall into them.

Your future and your children’s future and their children’s future lies within your grasp of the pleasure traps that corporate predators and parasites have placed in the savage garden of capitalism.

It’s your choice.

You can take your sick, suffering part in their eugenics experiment or walk away from it and be healthy and free.

PS. If you enjoyed the message within this book then you may also enjoy reading Anna Lembke’s book Dopamine Nation: which will give you a few more tools for your dopamine control toolbox.

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