The Pants Of Perspective — Anna McNuff

The Pants Of Perspective -- Anna McNuffI read this some time ago before i started writing reviews — so its not exactly fresh in my mind.   But i thought it would be a bit of a crime not to mention it on the website while i’m sorting through all my books, past and present.

From what i remember: it’s a true tale about this half baked, mad scheme, with not very much planning, to run the whole length of New Zealand by a (perhaps completely mad) woman who’s not really physically up to the task.   But, completely undeterred, Anna sets off from the very bottom of the South island and heads North on a crazy adventure in some leggings she really likes.

It’s a really good story, and one well worth a read whether you’re into running and/or endurance sports or not.   Because it’s not about running or endurance sports, it’s about a journey, the people, the places, the ups and the downs, and it’s a wonderful journey to read about.

So, if you like unicorns, and you like leggings, and who doesn’t like unicorns and leggings, and even if you don’t like unicorns and leggings, give it a read sometime.

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I refuse to make any comments about people who don’t like unicorns and leggings, i’m trying my best to keep the website nice, positive and happy.  xx

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