The New Inspector — Joseph R. Lallo

The New Inspector -- Joseph R. LalloAlthough this delightful little short is the sixth book of the Free Wrench series, i feel it can be read at any time once you’ve got settled into the series.

I read it after Cipher Hill and it totally worked for me reading it then.   And i’m actually quite pleased that i didn’t read it until then because i really enjoyed the change in my feelings towards Wink.   I won’t spoil it, but suffice to say, if you’re a fan of the Free Wrench series by Joseph R. Lallo and its resident little furries, the Aye Ayes, then this is an absolute must read.   After reading The New Inspector i really do hope Joseph writes more Aye Aye stories, they’re awesome little fuggers and easily deserve their own spin off series.

And yes, Aye Ayes really exist.   Isn’t it nice to know that they’re going to survive “The End Time” when the Fug envelopes the earth?

So how do you get it?

Originally only available to Joseph’s Patreon supporters, but now also in Sidequests.

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