The Expanse — Season 4

The Expanse -- Season 4Another super season from this great series.

Not as good as season 3, me thinks, but then i think the way season 3 ended left me expecting a lot, then the doubts as to the future, the rescue by Amazon —

* We  Amazon *

— and then all the time we had to wait for season 4 adding to the expectations; so yeah, it had an incredibly hard act to follow and even more to live up to, and i have to say, even with all that, it was still rather, very good.

But it was over soooo quickly.   All that time waiting and i binge watched it in 3 days.   I know, i could have savoured it a little over a couple of weeks or something, but what can i say, i’m weak, i’m a binger, i’m addicted to The Expanse.

But instead of piling into season 5 i decided to read the books instead.   I’ll watch from season 1 again after i finish the books.

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