The Calderan Problem — Joseph R. Lallo

The Calderan Problem -- Joseph R. LalloIt struck me while reading this book that the Free Wrench series is pretty much a Steampunk version of Firefly.   If you liked Firefly then you’ll love this series.


All our favourite characters are back from the first three books, Free Wrench Collection: Volume 1, and a few more new ones besides.   And the shenanigans get ever more complex as each book builds upon the last one — the series just keeps getting better.

Joseph’s writing is it’s usual, wonderfully imaginative stuff, expressed in a nice, easy flowing prose that just allows the story to flow.

So once again, a really good, fun read from Joseph, with a loveable set of characters.

And now straight into the next book in the series, Cipher Hill — awesome!

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