The Bookshop Of Yesterdays — Amy Meyerson

The Bookshop Of Yesterdays -- Amy MeyersonWTF!!!

I was hoping for another good book about a bookshop, but what i got was someone who thinks that completely rewriting the rules of punctuation is somehow a good thing.

Speech is defined, in prose, by quotation marks, not just simply put into italics.   Italics means something completely different.   I’m not sure what Amy is trying to achieve with this stupid use of italics to define speech but it’s utterly lost on me.

It was utterly ridiculous trying to read this; there’s no hope of simply relaxing and just enjoying the story, you have to spend most of your attention deciphering the absolute lack of quotation marks and shambolic misuse of italics.   Add to this that most of the start of the book is people saying things and one simply has no choice but to quickly delete the book from ones Kindle.

Total waste of money.   Thanks Amy.   Go back to school and learn how to write before publishing books and taking people’s money.


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