Septimania — Jonathan Levi

Septimania -- Jonathan LeviHave you ever found yourself in a dream that is just totally fucked up and makes no sense, but you’re dreaming, you have no choice, and the dream just goes on until you finally wake up in a cold sweaty bed needing a change of sheets, a hot shower and mug of cocoa?

Well this is the literary equivalent of that dream, but it’s not your own fucked up dream, it’s someone else’s fucked up dream, and you’re stuck in it until the end.

I say “you’re stuck in it”, like you couldn’t just delete it from your Kindle if you wanted to, but that’s the thing, you just don’t want to — or perhaps you just can’t.   Like the fucked up dream, you just seem get stuck in this book and you continue to read, page after page, and have to wait until the very end when it decides it’s going to release you from its clutches.

I won’t say more as i wouldn’t want to spoil it for any other literary masochists out there, other than “buyer beware”: it will seriously disturb you that you wasted your time reading it — you’ll never be the same again — you have been warned!

Seriously though, it’s a classic!

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