Priceless — Zygmunt Miłoszewski

Priceless -- Zygmunt MiłoszewskiI only bought this because it was £1, it had good reviews, and i couldn’t remember having read any Polish literature before and so i decided that that was something needing to be explored.   And i have to say i’m glad i did explore it.

Yes, admittedly, there’s an element of the James Bond fantasy to it, and one does have to suspend a little belief in places, but it’s fiction, it isn’t supposed to be 100% real.

And if you do bear with it, it does repay you with what turns out to be a great little romp through the art world, albeit, mostly a fantasy art world, a fantasy art world that the nazi’s stole and hid away that contains a big secret that some people don’t want to be found.

And Zigmunt does have a good dig at the USA along the way — which one could say, mostly isn’t fantasy.

All in all, well written and well worth £1, and i’ll definitely be trying some more Polish writers when i find some.

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