Picard — Season 1

Before watching this you would enjoy it far more by reading Star Trek: Picard: The Last Best Hope.   It fills in the gaps between Next Gen etc., and this.

Nearly 19 years after the last Voyager episode we finally get a new series worthy for fans of the franchise.

After years of the Star Trek franchise turning out crap like Enterprise and Discovery, dragging up old history and doing it to death, Picard has been such a breath of fresh air.   After all this time we finally move into the future, and what a future we have to look forward to.

Season 1 has been great with Picard running around piecing together a ragtag crew and a ship to deal with a nasty Romulan cult, while also managing to find plenty of time to visit Will and Deanna along the way — which was ever so nice.

And we end the season with the ship and the crew all ready to fly off to a new adventure in season 2 without any Star Fleet control.   The question is, what kind of independent Jean Luc are we going to get without the shackles of Star Fleet around his neck?   Exciting times await …

… Engage!

Sadly, season 2 was a total load of crap.   With the tired old Star Trek tropes being wheeled out yet again because they haven’t got the imagination to think of anything new.

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