Magnificent Devices: Books 1-4 — Shelley Adina

Magnificent Devices: Books 1-4 -- Shelley AdinaWe have a 17 year old protagonist, Clair, who is like a female James Bond on some super-amazing, mental and physical, performance enhancing drugs: if you’re looking for something serious to read it’s all rather ridiculous.   However, if you’re willing to put your belief in reality aside for a while, it is, undeniably, a rather enjoyable read.   12 days to get through 4 books isn’t too shabby for me so it obviously kept me turning the pages.

So if you aren’t looking for a serious read and are just wanting something that just passes away the hours without you taking anything seriously then this might be for you.   I think, “silly” might be a good term to use in describing these books.   But that’s not to use “silly” in a bad way, sometimes a bit of “silly” is a good thing in a world like ours — maybe we could all use a dose of “silly” now and again.

The plus side is that the characters quite likeable, although the baddies always seem to be a complete bunch of buffoons while the goodies are simply incredible in every possible way — again, making one not take it at all too seriously.

Am i going to read the rest of the series?   Yes, i’ll certainly come back for more at a later date when i’m in the mood for something “silly” like this.   But right now i really do need to read something a bit more complex and believable.

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