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How to Draw Absolutely Anything Activity Book -- ILYANot anything like i was expecting.

I bought this because i’ve just gotten back into drawing after nearly 30 years of not doing any and i thought it might help a little.   I was expecting a book about how to draw, literally, but this isn’t really about that.

This book is more about working on your expectations and why you draw in the first place.   It’s more about drawing as just something you should do and what it should mean when it becomes as normal to living as eating and drinking.   What’s the point in drawing if you don’t know why you’re drawing?

What are you drawing for?   What do you really want to draw and why?

These are a few questions that the book made think about without directly asking them.

So don’t expect a book that tells you how to hold your pencil properly or what lead you should use on what paper, expect a book about your expectations and then go and draw something, anything, it doesn’t matter, just draw.

To sum this book up nicely would be this quote from the last few pages:

DON’T SAY “I can’t draw” especially when what you mean is, “I don’t draw.” DON’T SAY that either.

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