Headphone Hanger

Need a safe place for your headphones but there’s no room on your desk?

Simple, make a hanger to go under your desk.

First you need to get the acrylic cut in 3mm thickness, which is plenty to support a pair of headphones, while being very easy to bend into shape.   Download the .dxf file.

I use a really nice laser cutting company Lasercutz, if you’re in the UK.   They’re super good.   If you’re not in the UK then just find a laser cutting company that accepts .dxf files and you should be good to go.

Then, once you have the nice flat piece of acrylic in the colour you wanted it to match the decor under your desk you may wish to countersink the screw holes before you bend it.   Then you’ll need to grab a hot air gun (the kind you use for paint stripping).   If you haven’t got one, text all your friends and you should find at least one person who has one for you to borrow.

Then go to Youtube and have a good learning session before you start.

Do set your hot air gun on low to start and take your time bending it into it’s final shape . . .

Then screw it where ever you want it . . .

And in case you were wondering, they’re Sennheiser 280 HD Pro headphones with Wicked Cushions ear pads (which are super good and make these headphones sound even better than stock – IMHO).

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