Evil is a Matter of Perspective — Anthology

Evil is a Matter of Perspective -- AnthologyOoooh, and now for a nice bit of Grimdark.

The Broken Dead — Michael R. Fletcher
Every Hair Casts a Shadow — Teresa Frohock
The Divine Death of Jirella Martigore — Alex Marshall
A Royal Gift — Mark Alder
Old Blood — Adrian Tchaikovsky
Black BargainJanny Wurts
The Syldoon Sun — Jeff Salyards
The Darkness Within the Light — Shawn Speakman
The Greater of Two Evils — Marc Turner
Exceeding Bitter — Kaaron Warren
A Game of Mages — Courtney Schafer
The Tattered Prince and the Demon Veiled — Bradley P. Beaulieu
A Storm Unbound — E.V. Morrigan
The Game — Matthew Ward
Blood Penny — Deborah A. Wolf
Better than Breath — Brian Staveley
Foundation of Bones — Mazarkis Williams
The Aging of a Kill — Peter Orullian
The Caraathayan — R. Scott Bakker

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