Eat and Run – Scott Jurek

Eat and Run -- Scott JurekThis is a great book by Scott Jurek one of ultra’s greatest ever competitors.   Like Finding Ultra by Rich Roll, this book doesn’t go into training for ultras or anything like that, it just chronicles Scott’s journey from childhood through to ultramarathon champion and how he got there, with great accounts of some of his greatest races.

And also like Rich Roll, Scott Jurek is also a vegan, or ‘plant based athlete’ which seems to be the more politically correct term vegan athletes are choosing theses days.   And sprinkled liberally throughout the book are lots of Scott’s favourite recipes for you to try if you so wish.   In a lot of ways it’s like a vegan cook book with a great story shoved in between the recipes.

Well worth a read.   Especially for those with any designs on endurance training or participating in endurance sports.

And don’t forget to read North also.

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