Cloud Atlas — David Mitchell

Cloud Atlas -- David MitchellAll i can say is if you’ve watched the film and haven’t read the book then you’re missing out on something special.   Go read the book, the film is utter shite.

For those who don’t know, the book is a set of six short stories that all interconnect with each other, but here’s the thing, is that you get halfway through the first short when you are dumped into the second.   Then, halfway through that you are dumped into the third.   This goes on until you read all the way through the sixth one and come back down to the second half of the fifth, fourth, and so on until you finish the second half of the first story and reach the end.   Amazing climax!!!!   Literary orgasm!!!   Superb read!!!!

I really like this six shorts in one with ties between thing.   It’s definitely a thing, albeit rather rare.   It’s certainly something that i want more of.

What Lot’s Wife Saw is also a 6 part book.   Instead of short stories it’s about 6 letters all being intertwined into one story.   Admittedly a lot different to Cloud Atlas, but still the six come together to make the whole.

So anyways, if anyone reading this knows of any other books that are a collection of 6 intertwined narratives that make the whole (i won’t complain if its 5 or 7 so don’t be too picky ), please let me know as i’m really enjoying this genre of writing.

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