1984 — George Orwell

1984 -- George OrwellThis is a book that i used for typing practice over at TypeLit.

It’s rather an enjoyable way to read a book, while at the same time being incredibly useful in improving ones typing.

Quite a good read, but so dystopian, and the ending wasn’t what i was hoping for.   It does remind me of just how lucky i am to live in a country where we have the freedoms that we do, and how important it is to ensure those freedoms aren’t eroded by anyone.   It is up to all of us to ensure that those freedoms are exercised sensibly, with consideration of other sentient beings and, ultimately, that the boundaries of those freedoms are continuously tested and where possible, extended.

So well worth a read or a type for everyone.

Not the easiest of books to type as it has sooooo many capitalised words, uncommon words, and also words that just don’t exist outside of this book: which while adding up to great typing practice, can be really frustrating at times.

1984 -- George Orwell typing practice results

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