Too Little Too Late

I just read this… “Zoopla bars ‘no housing benefit’ rental ads”

What strikes me as utterly shameful is this line…

Parliament’s Work and Pensions Committee has launched an inquiry into discrimination against benefits claimants.

Like they really need an inquiry?   Another few years will go by and landlords will still be discriminating against people who claim benefits.   People on benefits have for decades been forced into substandard housing because that’s nice for the Government because they don’t have to pay as much housing benefit for sub standard housing.

All the time we hear the tired old crap of MP’s paying lip service about bad landlords with tenants being forced to live in squalor, while those same MP’s have done absolutely nothing whatsoever, for decades, to deal with the very situation that causes it.

We don’t need another pointless inquiry, what we need is legislation now that bans any prospective landlord from discriminating against any prospective tenant in this way.   This can be done immediately if the government are serious about it.   But they’re not.   What we need is legislation that bans anyone from discriminating against another human being for simply having to claim benefits.

It’s a very simple law to enact: if anyone is refused a tenancy on the grounds of race, sexuality, gender, religion, benefits, etc., then the landlord should have their property confiscated and handed over to the local council for social housing.   That would soon stop all this happening immediately.

But that won’t happen because the wealthy MP’s and their wealthy friends won’t like it.   So we’ll just have an inquiry and come up with some pointless recommendations that will be certain to not change anything whatsoever, and anyone who feels like it will be allowed to continue to discriminate against the poorest within our society.

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