The Orville — Season 2

This show just gets better.   Everyone’s settled into their characters really well, the main galactic story line is ramping up, while the short episode stories are usually quite humorous while managing to keep a serious side to them — like holodeck porn addiction.

This parody is just as good as TNG, DS9 and Voyager as it brings something to the genre that those 3 couldn’t because they always took themselves so seriously.   Being a parody, The Orville absolutely does go boldly to places that the real Trek series couldn’t go to, and that’s good.   It’s what i was hoping for in the post Voyager universe — a bit more grown up story lines, like yeah, people are going to be just as fucked up in 400 years as they are today, they’ll just have different toys to get fucked up with.   Instead, all we got from the Star Trek label was immature garbage in Enterprise and Discovery which, quite frankly, have been a step backwards and a dumbing down of the franchise.   Fingers crossed, Picard will, once again, come to the rescue.

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The Orville — Season 1

Shows how much i keep up with current TV shows, i only just came across this.   So it got a good binge watching.

For those who really enjoyed Star Trek TNG and Voyager but were always a little annoyed that no one ever went to the toilet, swore, gossiped, got hangovers, smoked spliffs, etc., then this is for you.

It does have its serious sides like TNG used to have, but mixed amongst it all is just normal people with the normal work complaints, bizarre quirks, habits and things.   Even the replicators have “Cannabis Edibles” on the menu.

So i’ll definitely be watching season 2 when i get some time spare to binge it.

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