More 2018 Braggin’

Yeah, more literary braggin’ from 2018.   This one shows the total pages i read as well as the total books.

While it would be nice to beat the book total in 2019, my actual goal is to beat the pages read total — because, as you can see, the books can vary in page length by a huge amount.   Anyone can read 300 books in a year if they’re all shorts of about 14 pages, and likewise, anyone would struggle to read 20 books if they were all around 1,498 pages.

So i’m thinking 25,000 pages has to be the goal — we shall see how it goes at the end of 2019.

Not surprised at The Night Circus being so popular.   If Erin never writes another book she’ll always be deservedly famous for that one, and can probably retire off the funds too.   But instead of retiring, Erin’s new book is out in November 2019, and we’re all looking forward to that, aren’t we?

What i am surprised about is A Child at Heart being the least popular.   It’s a great book and really is worth a read by everyone — especially parents.   No wonder the world’s going to shit in a u-bend if people won’t read stuff like this:   #nohope

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