Good Film & TV

I don’t watch much film or TV as i just find most of it utterly tedious and it really does fuck your brain up having too many characters and story lines running through a brain that never evolved to cope with them.

Not too mention all that back lit high blue light that most people fuck their sleep and dreams up with.

So, i simply only ever bother with a few TV programs and the odd film now and again.   And in minimising what i watch on screen i like to find only high quality stuff to watch.

And below are some of my favourites…

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Picard — Season 1

Nearly 19 years after the last Voyager episode we finally get a new series worthy for fans of the franchise.

After years of the Star Trek franchise turning out crap like Enterprise and Discovery, dragging up old history and doing it to death, Picard has been such a breath of fresh air.   After all this time we finally move into the future, and what a future we have to look forward to.

Season 1 has been great with Picard running around piecing together a ragtag crew and a ship to deal with a nasty Romulan cult, while also managing to find plenty of time to visit Will and Deanna along the way — which was ever so nice.

And we end the season with the ship and the crew all ready to fly off to a new adventure in season 2 without any Star Fleet control.   The question is, what kind of independent Jean Luc are we going to get without the shackles of Star Fleet around his neck?   Exciting times await …

… Engage!


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Zombieland: Double Tap

Normally i wouldn’t be seen dead watching a zombie film but the Zombieland films are just so fucking good.

Yes folks, finally someone who treats the whole zombie thing with the level of respect that it deserves: pure comedy.   Because, after all, the whole zombie thing is just fucking stupid and has been done to fucking death already — literally.

So yeah, our wonderful protagonists are back from the 1st instalment, all having plenty of fun again; and there’s even a whole bunch of new, non-zombied humans they meet/pick-up/fuck/kill along the way.

Personally, i’m very much looking forward the zombie apocalypse if it’s going to be this much fun.

And especially looking forward to Zombieland 3.


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Mr. Robot — Season 4

And so it finally comes to the end.

One of the best TV programs ever has just finished its fourth and final season.   And what a finale.   Best wishes, Elliot!

It was about time for a TV program to explore mental health issues, especially dissociative identity disorder, in the depth that Mr. Robot did.   It took us on the most incredible magic carpet ride through Elliot’s mind.

Rami Malek and Sam Esmail are rumoured to be working on something new and i shall definitely give anything the two of them make a good watch.

Basically, if you ain’t seen Mr. Robot then you need to go back and give it a good watching.   It really is

Fucking A!!!


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The Expanse — Season 4

Another super season from this great series.

Not as good as season 3, me thinks, but then i think the way season 3 ended left me expecting a lot, then the doubts as to the future, the rescue by Amazon —

* We  Amazon *

— and then all the time we had to wait for season 4 adding to the expectations; so yeah, it had an incredibly hard act to follow and even more to live up to, and i have to say, even with all that, it was still rather, very good.

But it was over soooo quickly.   All that time waiting and i binge watched it in 3 days.   I know, i could have savoured it a little over a couple of weeks or something, but what can i say, i’m weak, i’m a binger, i’m addicted to The Expanse.

Bring on season 5.


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Remaking ‘The Princess Bride’ — WTF!!!

I’d like to say that this “Remake The Princess Bride? Inconceivable!” article came as a bit of a shock; i’d like to say that some twat actually having the audacity to even imagine remaking The Princess Bride is beyond belief; but i can’t say either.   Because it’s not a shock and it’s not beyond belief.   Because, as we all know, nothing is more sacred these days than corporations making profit.

If the film industry thinks it can make a little bit of profit then they will shit all over everything that anyone loves, respects, admires and/or enjoys.   The film industry, for the most part, does not care about quality, it’s nothing but a monster that continuously needs to consume anything and everything in its path to stay alive.   But, at the end of the day, it only does this if you, the viewing public, keep feeding it.   Ergo…


The Princess Bride is one of the most classic films ever made.   There is nothing in this film that leaves space for improvement.   It doesn’t need to be remade.   It stands the test of time as it is.   It will always be a fantastic film for all the family to enjoy, no matter what age or anything.   It is, quite simply, film making at its very best.

Seriously, if you haven’t watched The Princess Bride then do so.   Invite friends and family around to watch it with you.

And then, when you’ve watched the film and maybe want more of the similar, read the book!

Yes, the book complements the film perfectly.   But whereas normally i would suggest reading the book before watching the film, with The Princess Bride i would wholeheartedly recommend watching the film before reading the book.

But whatever you do, please don’t watch any remake of this film.   You’ll just encourage the film industry to continue shitting all over everything of quality that ever existed.

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La Vuelta a España — 2019

The last of the year’s 3 grand tours, La Vuelta usually throws up a fun 3 week adventure around the roads of Spain and, although in some ways it was a little disappointing this year, it was still a good race in many other ways.

Having lost a few good riders and teams in the first week due to crashes, illness, etc., the GC race basically came down to Movistar v Jumbo Visma with Movistar seeming more than happy to settle for second place.   Although to be fair to Valverde and Quintana, they were raced in the Tour and then expected to come here and perfom against Roglič who had spent the summer doing nothing but get into perfect shape for this race.   If Movistar had held Valverde back from the Tour and focused him totally on La Vuelta and made him absolute leader from the start without Quintana in the team then, oh, how things may have been so very different.

In the end the main battle was the white jersey between Miguel Ángel López and Tadej Pogačar.   While everyone else seemed more than happy to just surrender to Roglič in the GC race, these two young whipper-snappers were most definitely not surrendering anything and were punching back and forth between stages all the way to the end with Tadej riding an awesome end to stage 20 that Miguel simply had nothing left in the tank to answer with.   With hindsight it did look like Tadej may have deliberately held back on stage 19 while Miguel went charging off, thus leaving himself a lot fresher for stage 20 than Miguel.

And while the big GC battle teams weren’t going full gas mental, the breakaways were usually left to have it large on most days throwing up some wonderful moments for a few of the pro-continental riders — which we always love to see.

All in all, yes, it could have been better had it not been for those early misfortunes, but it was still plenty good enough.

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Mindhunter — Season 2

This series is based on the true story of the ‘Behavioral Science Unit’ of the FBI in the 1970’s.   This is the team that invented the term ‘serial killer’ and began the now fully accepted practice of criminal profiling.

It’s very interesting and very factual.   It’s like a documentary but acted out instead of narrated.

Season 3 will hopefully be coming along soon.

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The Orville — Season 2

This show just gets better.   Everyone’s settled into their characters really well, the main galactic story line is ramping up, while the short episode stories are usually quite humorous while managing to keep a serious side to them — like holodeck porn addiction.

This parody is just as good as TNG, DS9 and Voyager as it brings something to the genre that those 3 couldn’t because they always took themselves so seriously.   Being a parody, The Orville can boldly go places that a serious program cannot go with the issues it deals with, and that’s good.   It’s what i was hoping for in the post Voyager universe — a bit more grown up story lines, like yeah, people are going to be just as fucked up in 400 years as they are today, they’ll just have different toys to get fucked up with.   Instead all we got from the Star Trek label was immature garbage in Enterprise and Discovery which, quite frankly, have been a step backwards and a dumbing down of the franchise.   Fingers crossed ‘Picard’ will, once again, come to the rescue.

Season 3 will be coming late 2020 apparently.

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The Orville — Season 1

Shows how much i keep up with current TV shows, i only just came across this.   So it got a good binge watching.

For those who really enjoyed Star Trek TNG and Voyager but were always a little annoyed that no one ever went to the toilet, swore, gossiped, got hangovers, smoked spliffs, etc., then this is for you.

It does have its serious sides like TNG used to have, but mixed amongst it all is just normal people with the normal work complaints, bizarre quirks, habits and things.   Even the replicators have “Cannabis Edibles” on the menu.

So i’ll definitely be watching season 2 when i get some time spare to binge it.   Season 3 is also on its way at some point.

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