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Episode 1:   The Beginning of the End
Episode 2:   Heading Towards Armeggedon
Episode 3:   Further Towards Armeggedon
Episode 4:   Post Armeggedon Future
Episode 5:   The 15 Million
Episode 6:   Space
Episode 7:   Digital ID’s
Episode 8:   Covid-19 Special
Episode 9:   Covid-19 Extra
Episode 10:   Let’s Talk Environment
Episode 11:   Racism
Episode 12:   Social Media
Episode 13:   Protesting
Episode 14:   Politics LOL
Episode 15:   Individuality
Episode 16:   The US Election
Episode 17:   The US Election and Covid 19
Episode 18:   Artificial Intelligence
Episode 19:   Good News?!?
Episode 20:   Updates on the World
Episode 21:   The Xmas Show!

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I used to do lots of pencil drawing when i was younger, and really enjoyed doing so, but alas, it was another one of those enjoyable childhood things that life took away from me as i grew up.

But, it’s never too late to reclaim your youthful fun, so at 55 years old i went and bought some very nice pencils and paper and started again.

Yes, i know, i’m not very good, and guess what…   “i don’t fucking care!”   I’ve just started re-learning all this stuff again and it’s gonna take a while to get the hang of it, especially with a 55 year old brain to train.

At the end of the day, it’s not about being good, making money, or gaining fame.   It’s about enjoying myself and reclaiming a part of me that got left behind long ago.

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Good Film & TV

I don’t watch much film or TV as i just find most of it utterly tedious and it really does fuck your brain up having too many characters and story lines running through a brain that never evolved to cope with them.

Not too mention all that back lit high blue light that most people fuck their sleep and dreams up with.

So, i simply only ever bother with a few TV programs and the odd film now and again.   And in minimising what i watch on screen i like to find only high quality stuff to watch.

And below are some of my favourites…

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Good Musics

A random selection of music that i really enjoyed over my many years of living.

The thing with music is that it clings to and stimulates lots of memories, some good, some bad, but they’re all part of your life.   So embrace them all, carry on living, listening and finding ever more tunes and memories to cling to them.

Can there be life without music?

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